Electric Vehicles: Alternatives to Alternatives

When it comes to electric vehicles, most of us think of sedans. But there are electric scooters, segways, and electric motorcycles that are all electrified transportation, too. In Austin, KLD Energy is developing electric drives for scooters and motorcycles, and Lit Motors in San Francisco has a prototype of a gyroscope-stabilized motorcycle with a protective shell. According to Lit, the C-1 is the world’s first gyroscopically-stabilized “rolling smart phone,” combining the efficiency and freedom of a motorcycle with the safety and convenience of a car.

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Electricity is an increasingly complex industry in the midst of transition to renewables and decarbonization. Using my 25 years’ experience as an engineer, policy analyst, and academic, I help my consulting clients think through their toughest technical challenges and formulate their best business strategies.
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