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Tesla’s Powerwall: an expensive option

Tesla’s new Powerwall, a home battery, has been widely reported in the media, and once again Elon Musk has spearheaded a very attractive product. In its press kit, Tesla touts the Powerwall for residential load shifting, backup, and storage of … Continue reading

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What’s the best argument for electric cars?

Last week I had the pleasure to test-drive a Tesla Model S.  In a previous post, I voiced my concerns about electric vehicle fast chargers, such as Tesla’s Supercharger. I still remain concerned, but while behind the wheel  (and above … Continue reading

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Battery Swapping a Winner for Tesla’s Model S

I recently visited the Tesla store at the Domain in Austin to check out the Tesla Model S.  The compact layout of the electric drivetrain allows for a trunk at the front of the car — a “frunk”– in addition … Continue reading

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In Praise of Slow Charging

It was an honor to deliver a keynote speech at the recent University of Texas Center for Transportation Research Symposium. The theme: “Energy is the Key.” In my talk, “Harnessing Electric Vehicle Demand Flexibility” (joint work with graduate student Mahdi … Continue reading

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EV Charging at the Mall: Sensible or Publicity?

A recent article in Forbes, “Simon Says ‘Charge Your EV at the Mall,’” highlights the combined use of solar panels, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging equipment in an “integrated charging station” at a mall in Carmel, Indiana. It may … Continue reading

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The Future of Electric Vehicles: The Video

Where exactly are electric vehicles headed? EV-TEC hosted a panel session to discuss the future of electric vehicles last month. Panelists from GM, Nissan, and Toyota, together with UT researchers (including National Medal of Science recipient Professor John Goodenough), offered … Continue reading

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You’re Invited! Film & Panel on Future of Electric Cars

 You’re invited! “Revenge of the Electric Car” Join  us for a free film screening followed by a blue-ribbon panel of electric car visionaries and community reception Date:           December 11, 2012 Time:          4 pm Location:   UT Blanton Museum of Art Auditorium … Continue reading

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Austin’s Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus

A few weeks ago, I was commuting using biofuels from my house to the university. In other words, I was walking. I was surprised and pleased to see a very nice-looking bus on the university shuttle route, rather than the … Continue reading

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