Applied Optimization:
Formulation and Algorithms for Engineering Systems
Cambridge University Press, 2006
by Ross Baldick PhD

“a great asset”
“an excellent read”

“clear and easy to follow”

The starting point in the formulation of any numerical problem is to take an intuitive idea about the problem in question and to translate it into precise mathematical language. This book provides step-by-step descriptions of how to formulate numerical problems so that they can be solved by existing software. It examines various types of numerical problems and develops techniques for solving them.

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The author uses a number of engineering case studies to illustrate in detail the formulation process. The case studies motivate the development of efficient algorithms that involve, in some cases, transformation of the problem from its initial formulation into a more tractable form.

“Applied optimization has two sides: science and art. Most of the books in this field focus on the science side but are not as satisfactory on the art side. This book balances both. You can expect to get both ‘optimization’ and ‘the art of optimization.'”

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