Intro to Electric Power — video course

“Introduction to Electric Power,” Dr. Baldick’s most popular course with attorneys and regulators across the country, is now available on video! No traveling, no missed days of work. You get the same course — all the same materials and lectures. And you can view it at your own pace, wherever and whenever is most convenient.

This video course equips non-technical professionals such as lawyers and regulators to understand and discuss technical issues in the electricity industry. Emphasis is placed on organized wholesale markets. You’ll learn the fundamentals of electric power generation and transmission. And you’ll learn:

  • strategies to navigate the complexity of the industry
  • how market outcomes are determined
  • best ways to identify and protect client interests
  • technical know-how to write better contracts
  • how to avoid costly mis-communication with technical professionals

“An invaluable course. It has proven its worth many times over. As someone on the front line of the electricity wars, I wouldn’t enter the field of battle without it.”


Option 1: Single license (for 1 viewer):  $799.

Option 2: License for 2-8 viewers at a single company:
$799 for first viewer plus $399 for each additional viewer.
(You receive one USB drive per viewer.)

Number of licenses:

Option 3: Site license for unlimited viewers at a single company:  $3999.

(You receive eight USB drives.)

Questions? Email Dr. Baldick

Prerequisites: None. No technical or math background is needed. Suitable for legal, accounting, and regulatory professionals.

Format: You receive a USB drive for viewing on a computer (Mac or PC): 22 hours of lectures (click here for a list of topics covered), 1 hour of interactive computer laboratory, and .75 hour of planning laboratory. The video provides two windows, one with Dr. Baldick lecturing and one with slides.

intro electric power screenshot | Ross Baldick Consulting

Lectures are illustrated with demonstrations and 800 slides. The interactive computer laboratory lets you experience how power flows in a transmission system. The planning laboratory lets you experience how to plan new generation and transmission. In addition, you receive a glossary of electricity industry terms (pdf).

Software requirements: Microsoft Silverlight and any web browser. (Instructions are included to download Silverlight, if you don’t already have it.)

Documentation: Instructions provided for: 1) installing Microsoft Silverlight, 2) viewing video, and 3) installing software for computer laboratory.

Instructor: Dr. Ross Baldick, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

“Your class was great! I’ve attended several electricity beginner courses, and I can say that your curriculum was the most informative and the most on target for a beginner. I’ll admit, three days is a bit of a haul, but it was well worth it–current topics, excellent material and referencing, wonderful presentation, and quick, responsive answers to a range of questions from the very simple to the very complex. Kudos!”

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