“Smart Grids” course features industry experts

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Dr. Ross Baldick hosts industry experts for his new UT course, “Smart Grids.”

I’ve been in the thick of it recently, putting the finishing touches on a new course I’ve designed about smart grids for my students at UT Austin. “Smart Grids” begins in less than two weeks.

Back story: During more than a year of preparation, I could not find any text suitable for engineering students. That’s when I started enlisting the help of colleagues, who generously agreed to serve as the “text” for the course. Fortunately for us, we have a wealth of expertise in Austin and Texas. More than a dozen industry guests, including Brewster McCracken of Pecan Street and Bill Muston of Oncor, will lecture on topics from generation and transmission to end-use. We will be asking: What is a smart grid? What does a self-healing grid mean? What are the costs and benefits of a smart grid?

Each lecturer has assembled slides, and each one will be made publicly available on the course webpage: http://users.ece.utexas.edu/~baldick/classes/379K/EE379K.html

So far, the webpage features only my course introduction, but you can see the topic headings laid out for the whole semester. You’re invited to check back for the slide presentations as they become available throughout the semester.

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Electricity is an increasingly complex industry in the midst of transition to renewables and decarbonization. Using my 25 years’ experience as an engineer, policy analyst, and academic, I help my consulting clients think through their toughest technical challenges and formulate their best business strategies.
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