“Locational Marginal Pricing” Grad Class Now Available Online

ross baldick logoNow you can attend my “Locational Marginal Pricing” grad class online. And it’s free!

I’ve been teaching courses on locational marginal pricing for 10 years. Locational marginal pricing is now used in all US restructured markets and in New Zealand. Its key insight is to reflect into market prices the effect of limitations on electric transmission capability. The model has origins in the seminal and astounding work of Fred Schweppe and others in the 1980s and has been in place in parts of the US since around 2001.

The online version of the course (produced in cooperation with the Consortium of Universities for Sustainable Power (CUSP) at the University of Minnesota) is now available for free download from the CUSP website: http://cusp.umn.edu/emarkets.php.


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Electricity is an increasingly complex industry in the midst of transition to renewables and decarbonization. Using my 25 years’ experience as an engineer, policy analyst, and academic, I help my consulting clients think through their toughest technical challenges and formulate their best business strategies.
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  1. Duehee Lee says:

    It is a very good course.

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